Welcome to Peak Nutrition Centers!

Peak Nutrition means Peak Health:

Peak Nutrition Centers is an independent health food store company created 30 years ago in Dallas, Texas. We own and operate 5 locations in the Dallas and Galveston/Houston area.

Our biggest attraction is the knowledgeable staff at each store. We love helping people find their health solutions. If we don't know the answer, we research our books or tap into nutritional support from different companies. Ongoing training is part of our commitment to serve you better.

Vitamins/Mineral/Herbs/Enzymes/Probiotics—“There is a difference”.

Peak Nutrition has name brand pharmaceutical grade supplements.  We specialize in finding the best supplement for the need and offer knowledgeable customer service.

Our pledge to you, our valued customer, is this:

Given the opportunity, we will do out best to give you OUR BEST!