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Body DynamicsBody Dynamics “Beauty Begins Within”

Mega Cleanse-internal cleanse

Skincare Line at an affordable price (Dr. Perricone’s ingredients)

Renewal Silver and Dave’s Colloidal SilverRenewal Silver and Dave’s Colloidal Silver

Quality colloidal silver for immune defense, killing Virus, Fungus, Bacteria

Jacobsens’s Jujubes

Jacobsens’s Jujubes The jujube fruit trees are grown locally. With a high amount of potassium and just the right amount of sodium, these capsules made from the jujube fruit , leaves, and bark are a restorative that has a good effect on the whole body, including the digestive system.The jujube moisturizing cream and soap protects the skin naturally with it’s betulinic acid content, even helping acne. The tea is also available.

Wyldewood Cellar's Elderberry Concentrate

Wyldewood Cellars’s Elderberry Concentrate Wonderful for allergies, viral cold and flu, diabetes, asthma, eczema, & constipation.




Genacol Five types of collagen—addresses aches & pains, changes in skin, feeling of youth and energy. Excellent alternative to glucosamine/chondroitin.


Topricin “The Magic” cream for pain especially soft-tissue pain: arthritis, lower back pain, trauma/sports injuries, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel, repetitive motion, fibromyalgia.

Sythovial Seven

Sythovial Seven The only Hyaluronic acid formula patented for overall joint health. Maintains healthy joints, skin and eyes with synthovial fluid. Non- animal derived and vegan friendly.