Super Fruit Juices

Peak Nutrition has the best of the super foods. 

Handouts are available on the benefits of each one.

Super Fruit Juices are considered super foods because they are truly anti-aging with exceptional antioxidant power.

At the top of the list is the Acai Berry from the Amazon rainforest. It is known as the "Beauty Berry" but is does so much more. It cleanses and detoxifies, gives energy and stamina, mental clarity, healthy libido.

Goji Berry known as the "Happy Berry" actually helps release human growth hormone according to Dr. Lindsey Duncan, ND. "It combats adrenal fatigue, helps to brighten your spirits, supports healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy blood pressure levels and improves memory."

Noni juice provides so many benefits that the list seems too good to be true. Doctors have documented benefits in digestion, pain, bowel conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, immune conditions, hormonal health, depression, insomnia, skin problems, and more...

Mangosteen has been known as a "healing food" with its abundance of Xanthones especially helpful for the inflammatory processes in the body, immune, histamine levels.

Mangosteen plant